How to Apply

Admission through National University Entrance Exam
   Applicants can take part in the annual national exam for admission in PNU. The instructional materials for these students are delivered through various media, the most important of which are self-study textbooks. The students can also attend non-obligatory face-to-face classes each semester. Considering the fact that most PNU students have occupational and family responsibilities, they are granted a maximum of 20 semesters to graduate.
Admission through the Encompassing Programs (Faragir)
   In 1993, the University began to admit students for bachelor's degrees through the Encompassing Programs (Faragir), which are currently also offered for the master's degrees. Instead of the entrance exam, Faragir applicants take the first semester courses and if they pass the final exams, they are officially admitted as PNU students.

Admission Methods at International Centers within the Country
   Currently, admission of applicants in international centers within the country (Kish, Qeshm, and Asaluyeh) is based on the regulations of student's admission through International Education Assessment Organization (national university entrance exam) as well as the regulations governing the encompassing programs. Upon the approval of admission regulations of international centers in near future, admission will be carried out by the Office of Coordination and Planning of the International Study Centers through specific examinations.

Admission Methods at International Centers Abroad
   Admission of Iranian applicants residing abroad and non-Iranian applicants are based on the following conditions:
  1. Having a high-school diploma or a pre-university license verified by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology or the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran to enter bachelor's degree programs.
  2. Having a bachelor's degree certificate for admission into Master's degree programs.
  3. Having Master's degree certificate for admission into PH.D after succeeding in written exam and interview.

   PH.D applicants can continue their education if they have a Master's degree in a related field. In cases where the PH.D program and the Master's degree belong to different fields, students are required to take some remedial courses as stated in the relevant set of regulations. Furthermore, the applicant's scientific, research and cultural records will be evaluated by PNU.

   The latest degree of international non-Iranian applicants received abroad will be evaluated and verified by the Islamic Republic of Iran's representative in the country, by the Organization of Education Schools abroad or by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

   Furthermore, the applicants are required to have moderate proficiency in the Persian Language and have following documents:
  • The completed application form for admission
  • Certificate of physical and mental health
  • Criminal-record clearance from their country
  • Copy of the first page of birth ID card, national ID card, and of visa or residence permit
  • Letter of financial obligation for tuition payment
  • Student visa for non-Iranian applicants who have applied to study in the international centers
  • Residence visa for Iranian students abroad
  • Latest valid certificate

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