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Payame Noor University, in the horizon of 2040, is a comprehensive, responsible, demand-driven, and entrepreneur university as well as a reference in open and distance education, an international pole for open and distance education in the region, a pioneer in technology with a self-reliant and sustainable economy, and one of the five top open universities in the world.
Payame Noor University is a comprehensive and leading university in open and distance education and blended learning with the mission of "developing targeted higher education for everyone, everywhere, and every time and capacity building in the field of education, entrepreneurship, research, and technology" in the following dimensions:
-        Serving to create a knowledge-based society by creating and promoting beneficial science and training committed, creative, and responsible individuals;
-        Providing access to flexible education and open study opportunities tailored to the local and cultural requirements of different parts of the society for professional development and lifelong learning;
-        Utilizing the best standards of open and distance education (needs assessment, content production, implementation and evaluation methods);
-        Social responsibility and having an effective role in the policy-making system and directing scientific, research, technological, and social growth at the national, regional, and local levels;
-        Development of fundamental, developmental, and applied research in interaction with the industry, society, and market; and
-        Expansion of scientific and technological diplomacy in the region and the world.

-         Pioneering and leadership of open education in the country along with the qualitative development of the educational system, human resources, and new educational technologies;
-        Training entrepreneurial, creative, skilled, ethical, and religious manpower; and
-        Easy access to education in all parts of the country.

Payame Noor University was established in 1988 as the only open and distance learning university in the Islamic Republic of Iran by integrating the University of Abureihane Birouni and Iran Azad University. The University took its first intake in five degree programs at 28 study centers. Presently, PNU has 490 local study centers and campuses throughout the country, administered by 31 provincial centers, and an International Study Center located at the university headquarter in Tehran.


The Thirteenth president of the university (since Nov. 30, 2021)
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